The EQUALITY AND INCLUSION PARTNERSHIP (EQuIP) is a charitable organisation with a vision of a place where everyone embraces difference and diversity, ensures opportunity, eradicates inequality of treatment and operates in a fair environment for all.

We work towards elimination of discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sexual orientation through:

  • A dedicated, confidential and free discrimination casework service.
  • Working closely with other partners in the voluntary and community sector and with statutory agencies.
  • Specialists in community engagement and promoting inclusion.
  • Promoting equality through learning with a range of sessions including cultural awareness, equality and diversity, diversity management training and development.
  • Research barriers to health and wellbeing especially amongst BME (Black and Minority Ethnic) and other equality strands.

Contact information

Junaid Hussain – Chief Executive


Tel. + 00 44 1788 863117



 Artemisszio Foundation

Artemisszio Foundation is a private organisation recognised as of public interest since its creation in 1989. Our mission is to help people break trough the barriers that separate cultural and social groups. This also means we encourage young people of minority or disadvantaged backgrounds to engage in social mobility and we are fighting against racism, discrimination and hate speech. All our activities are based on intercultural learning, which we consider as a  tool to enlarge one’s vision, to open up to the world and to challenge ourselves to overcome our limits. We have four major centres of activities: we propose work placement, volunteering or thematic training to young people in a foreign environment; we direct programmes for migrants in order to foster their social integration; we work with schools for the promotion of intercultural pedagogy and global education. Some of the tools we use have been developed by ourselves and we have several accredited training courses for teachers, policemen, medical and social workers.

Contact information 

Diana Szántó /

Office: Budapest 1085 Pál utca 6.

Tel: 003614136517




ELAN INTERCULTUREL is an association created by a group of professionals interested in the challenges of intercultural encounters and coexistence. Our association’s objective is to contribute to intercultural dialogue to a better experience of cultural diversity. As a laboratory of intercultural methodologies élan interculturel’s mission is to promote a holistic vision of culture (psychological and socio-anthropological) and to propose  innovative pedagogies to open up reflection and to develop skills and competences for intercultural dialogue. To contribute to a more intercultural society we engage in international cooperation projects whose objective is to develop new teaching methodologies that can be used in various training courses tailored to different audiences (social workers, educators, teachers, health professionals etc.). As a training organisation, we use interactive teaching methods and non-formal pedagogies (applying literature, theatre, improvisation, art) that offer creative, accessible and motivating learning experiences.

Contact information

Elan Interculturel

82 Av Denfert Rochereau, 75014 Paris

Mobile: +33.(0)7.




mhtconsult is a private and independent research and development organisation, founded in December 2000 and based in Copenhagen. mhtconsult is owned and operated by 2 partners, Margit Helle Thomsen and Henning Schultz. mhtconsult functions nowadays as a network organisation, thus performing tasks and assignments in interaction with partner organisations in a close and solid network, thereby having a wide range of core competencies to disposal. The portfolio comprises around 300 different projects and assignments, ranging from multiannual development projects and major programme evaluations to in-depth analyses of specific areas, educational programmes, process facilitation etc. Based on the core values of diversity and equal citizenship, the mission is to build a sustainable bridge between research and analytical knowledge on one hand – and methodical development, practical tools and training on the other hand within a wide range of service types and professional areas, including:


  • Research, evaluation and analysis
  • Development and documentation of methodologies and toolboxes
  • Education, training, process facilitation and competence clarification
  • Project development and management

Professional core areas:

  • Antidiscrimination, equal opportunities and equal citizenship
  • Integration, diversity management and intercultural competence
  • Interdisciplinarity and intersectional collaboration in Healthcare and welfare strategies
  • Religious-political radicalisation and violent extremism
  • Empowerment of vulnerable groups in both working life and social contexts

Contact information: 

Mobile: +45 51204858 / +45 40 40 51 30

Mail: /

Address: Bygmestervej 10, DK-2400 NV Copenhagen, Denmark

 PGC Logo

University of Vienna

The University of Vienna is the oldest university in the German-speaking world and one of the largest in Central Europe. Thus, with more than 180 courses and about 92,000 students as well as staff of 9,700 employees, it is also the largest educational and scientific institution in Austria.

The university‘s Postgraduate Center offers a wide range of Advanced Postgraduate Programmes. Established in 2008, the Postgraduate Center develops high quality postgraduate programmes, ranging from master degrees and certificate programmes to open learning formats. Students choose from about 50 master programmes, continuing education courses and certificate courses in the fields of »Education and Social Care«, »Health & Natural Sciences«, »International Affairs and Business«, »Communication and Media« and »Law«.

The Postgraduate Center (PGC) is strongly engaged in knowledge transfer activities, connecting the university (scientists and students) to professionals from the business world, industry or the general public. The PGC actively promotes the involvement of society, public institutions as well as enterprises in the research process, provides higher qualification for the labour market and provides students the possibility to interact with practical fields. All these activities are beneficial for more social and economic innovation. In addition, the PGC offers corporate programmes targeted at the goals and specific needs of the labour market and respective organisations. All professional education programmes of the University of Vienna are adjusted to the specific demands of professional life and aimed at providing students with theoretical and practical access to the labour market. Students learn to understand how scientific disciplines are interconnected and how to work in an interdisciplinary way. The Postgraduate Center is also active in the Austrian and international discourse on lifelong learning, which includes developing new learning and teaching strategies, which are culturally sensitive, since 1/3 of our students come from abroad.

Contact information

Dr. Katharina Resch, MSc

University of Vienna Postgraduate Center

Head of Lifelong Learning

Telephone: +43 1 4277 10803



CESIE is a not for profit European NGO established in 2001, based on the experiences of sociologist Danilo Dolci. Following Danilo Dolci’s example, CESIE advocates the promotion of a non-violent and equal society, and deems education and training as the main instruments towards this objective.

The organisation works to promote cultural, educational, scientific and economic development at a local and international level using innovative and participatory approaches. The main objective of CESIE is to promote intercultural dialogue, responsible and sustainable development, international cooperation and entrepreneurial spirit.

CESIE is divided into six units working in synergy: Adults, School, Youth, Rights and Justice, Migration, and Higher education and research. CESIE’s staff is composed of over 50 employees and 100 external experts of different nationalities, engaging at the same time a large number or interns and volunteers.

Since 2001, CESIE has developed some 400 projects – with 80 currently underway at a local, EU and worldwide level. Within these projects, CESIE has carried out a wide range of activities related to training, awareness-raising, dissemination and research.

Contact information


Indirizzo: Via Roma n.94, Palermo, Italy.


South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust provides acute and community NHS health services across the whole of Warwickshire. The Trust is the main provider of acute services for South Warwickshire, with Warwick Hospital offering the majority of the Trust’s services. In 2011, the Trust was awarded the contract to provide all of Warwickshire’s community services as well. The Trust employs approximately 4,100 members of staff and delivers NHS services from a number of buildings across the county, to a Warwickshire wide population of over half a million.

Contact information

e-mail: maggie.o’