Training Curriculum

For a long time, health care education in Europe has focused primarily on conveying medical knowledge to students and training specialized skills deemed necessary for performing the job as a surgeon, a nurse, a paramedic etc. What has been lacking within this approach is an emphasis on social and communicative skills needed for encountering patients as well as for working together with colleagues in intecultural teams.

In this framework, the Healthy Diversity training programme was designed for professionals in the health and social sector. It consists of five training modules for the development of intercultural skills in the healthcare sector.

The curriculum is structured for a three day training, but the different modules can be combined flexibly and adapted according to the specific setting and the existing knowledge of the participants. This face-to-face curriculum is complemented by an open online course.

Open Online Course

The Open Online Course Healthy Diversity is a digital tool aimed at guiding health professionals through the project’s pedagogical resources in an interactive, flexible and personalized way, which would encourage the autonomous self-training of anyone who is interested in exploring healthcare from an intercultural and anthropological perspective.

Together with the training curriculum, the main objectives of the course are:

•       To increase the understanding about internal, contextual and cultural factors affecting individual behaviors and social interactions.

•       To raise awareness about socio-cultural diversity and its relevance for medical and social care practice.

•       To promote intersectional thinking between different health and social care settings.

All contents are available in English and in the five other partner languages (Danish, French, German, Italian and Magyar).