Good Practice Collection on diversity management and  intercultural communication capacity in healthcare institutions

The Good Practice Collection conducted as part of the Healthy Diversity project resulted in a Handbook consisting of the following resources:

  • A Good Practice Catalogue and Collection of European good practices on diversity management and intercultural communication capacities. The good practice cases are presented in a template showing aims, objectives, methodologies, impact and success indicators.
  • A Good Practice Assessment Tool to provide a proper monitoring, effect evaluation and impact analysis in efforts on diversity management and intercultural communication in healthcare institutions. The Good Practice Assessment Tool represents a thorough, user-friendly and operational methodology for measurements, that may engage both management, staff, patients, relatives and other relevant stakeholders in the evaluation process of projects and initiatives to improve diversity management and intercultural competences. The Assessment Tool is accompanied by a number of examples from the healthcare sector to illustrate  the analytical flow in the tool.
  • A Legal Framework Catalogue giving examples of legislation and politicies on immigration, refugee reception and integration, public healthcare services and antidiscrimination policies in the partner countries and further in the European context.