The objectives of the Healthy Diversity Assessment Tool

The Healthy Diversity Assessment Tool for Diversity Good Practice in Healthcare Services serve the following objectives: 

FIRSTLY, THE OBJECTIVE IS to provide a user-friendly and operational tool to assess the impact and evaluate the effect of local healthcare efforts from the perspective of diversity management and intercultural communication. The idea is that managers, staff and other healthcare stakeholders from different kinds of healthcare services are offered a tool to define the precise objectives of their efforts and to conduct a current assessment of the impact on the specific target groups as well as a long-term evaluation of the desired effect.

SECONDLY, THE OBJECTIVE IS to give concrete examples from European healthcare contexts of how to use the assessment tool as an organizational and ongoing assessment practice, by integrating the tool in the general institutional and organizational procedures. This may be provided in a hospital ward as well as in a local development project and among a multitude of other healthcare providers. The idea is that the assessment tool can be easily adapted to various contexts where healthcare services are offered to diverse target groups. The use of the assessment tool is illustrated through the description and analysis of a number of healthcare good practices in step-by-step presentations.

THIRDLY, THE OBJECTIVE IS to present a variety of European good practices as inspirational examples to show how diversity management and intercultural communication can be practiced and achieved in very different healthcare settings. This collection of good practices examples are summarized in a short and standardized description template.